Orefield, PA Home Achieves NAHB Gold Level

A new Orefield, Pennsylvania home built by studio26 homes, based on Mascord Plan 2412 (modified by Studio26) has received a Gold
level certification under the NAHB Research Center’s National Green Building Certification. 2412-levis-certThis
certification means the home has met established criteria in seven key green construction areas – Site
Planning/Development, Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental
Quality, Homeowner Education, and Global Impact.

Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., congratulate Studio26 and their construction team on their achievement.
“Anyone can say they build green homes,” according to Michael Luzier, president and CEO of the NAHB
Research Center. “Seeking and achieving National Green Building Certification, as studio26 homes has
done, proves that claim.”2412-levis
The certification service is part of the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) National Green
Building Program (NAHB Green). Through NAHB Green, the association is helping its members and the
home building industry at large move the practice of green building into the mainstream. The NAHB
Research Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAHB, is the sole certifying body for the national
The studio26 homes residence was measured against the best existing national definition of green and
sustainable home construction. As a result, this home was honored as the nineteenth NAHB Green
Certified Home and one of the first NAHB Green Certified Gold homes in the country. It was also
awarded the first NAHB Green Certified Gold Home certificate in eastern Pennsylvania with a grand total
of 542 points, surpassing the minimum 395 points required for Gold certification by an astounding 147
points. Having performed very well in all seven categories, the home received its highest marks in
perhaps the most prominent and most tangible category, Energy Efficiency. The home also achieved
significant scores in the Resource Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality categories demonstrating
studio26 homes’ charge to conserve valued resources and to deliver healthy homes to thier clients.
The design, construction, and operation of nationally-certified green homes must adhere to high
standards of environmental considerations in addition to resource and energy efficiencies. National
Green Building Certification requires homeowner education and guidance on how to maintain highperforming
homes at optimal levels. It also provides homeowners with the potential for lower energy
bills, reduced maintenance, and increased indoor comfort, as well as “bragging rights” because their
homes will have the option of being listed on a national green home registry for the world to see.
There are currently three green home certification levels available under the national program – Bronze,
Silver, and Gold. All homes are inspected by an NAHB Research Center-accredited verifier to confirm
the points claimed by the builder. Homes achieving National Green Building Certification provide a
greater level of credibility for participating builders. They also enhance homebuyer and community
confidence that a home is truly green, based on an established industry standard and third-party
verification. For more information on National Green Building Certification, visit www.nahbgreen.org.
For more information on studio26 homes,

visit http://www.studio26homes.com.

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