The Invisible Chair

For every great idea a designer has, there’s a bunch of impractical ones – still this caught my eye, because it’s fun.  Based on the premise that furniture uses materials and energy to produce, why not cut holes in the floor instead?  Great idea.Wait.. wha..?

You want to move your chair?  Erm..  how badly?  I guess we could add a couple of holes…   no big deal.  Want room for your guests?  Sure, we can add some more – we’ve got a big drill.   You got up to leave and now your three year old’s head is stuck in the floor?  Oh.. er..

While creative thinking and problem solving are elements we as designers admire and actively seek out – sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and see how things are going to work out in practical terms.  Livability is a key factor in the design of a house, and while the idea of reducing waste and the costs of furniture at the same time is a grand one, I don’t think this is going to catch on.  Still, if you decide to implement this, be sure to let us know.  Here’s some specs:

Be sure to check out  Decker Yeadon‘s website for more details.

Via Gizmodo, Via Inventor Spot


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