Successfully living in a smaller home

The PasadenaReading ‘More Money’ this morning, I came across an intersting article that discusses the housing market as it stands today.  The good news is that smaller homes are selling much faster in this market than the larger homes of 10 years ago.  The bad news?  Although buyers want a smaller home – they still want all the amenities of a larger one!

Well, that hasn’t been a suprise to our designers; we’ve been designing amenity packed smaller homes since opening our doors in 1983.  Even as the average home size grew, Mascord homes maintained feature rich interiors, such as open living rooms, restaurant-style kitchens and plenty of usable space (as opposed to tons of corridors and transitional spaces found in many production built homes).

A few tips for successfully living in a smaller home garnered from the article ‘How to Sell Your Small Home’ by Money Crashers:-

1. Cut the clutter.  Make sure all your seasonal possessions are properly stored in provided space, and don’t keep items you never use. Keep countertops clean and free of small appliances; it will increase the perception of space.  In multi-functional spaces (such as home office furniture in the corner of the living room), keep the area tidy and keep the style of furniture the same as the rest of the room. Glass topped coffee tables provide the illusion of more space.

2.  Effective lighting adds space.  The lighter your hoem is, the more spacious it will feel. Tall corner lamps that shine upwards light dark corners and light airy curtains let more light through windows.

3. Add distance with landscaping.  If you have a smaller lot, you can add the illusion of a deeper back yard by placing taller plants close to the back deck or home, and progressively smaller shorter plants the further you go back into the yard.

In conclusion, living in a samller home can be as comfortable as living in a larger space, even if you have the desire for space and opennness.  You just need to manage the space a little more effectively.  If you’re looking for a smaller home, don’t forget to check out some of our newer plans; 1161ES, 1164ES, 1168ES, 1169ES, and of course my personal favorite 1169A.


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