Practical Pursuit of Perfection 

These four words best summarize Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc. and what they are about – a balancing of architectural perfection with the need to be practical. For over 25 years, our deep-rooted commitment to architectural excellence is what has made us a trusted name among builders, consumers, and even among our competitors. To date, well over 50,000 Mascord homes have been built across the US, Canada and most of the developed countries around the world!

We are committed to making your experience of designing and building a home an easy one. To that end, Alan Mascord Design Associates provides over 500 stock plans in a wide range of styles from single family homes, to multi-family dwellings, to detached garage plans. Our active custom design business serves our clients with specific and unique designs. To your relief, you’ll find that our assistance doesn’t stop with the plan sale. Our dedicated technical and design staff is available to answer questions and offer support throughout the building process. Recognizing a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the “Green” movement, AMDA has written a book that explains in layman’s terms, how any of our homes can be built and certified by either of the certification programs – “Mascord Efficient Living”. This is another example of our commitment to making your design and building process an experience of ease and excellence. 


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