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Green? By what standard?

ngbsI was recently at a meeting between local leaders, discussing how the newly released National Green Building Standard (NGBS) fits in with existing state and city level green building programs and incentives.  There were a number of interested parties involved, including builders, designers, local utility companies, performance testers, city departments and state non-profits.  I was extremely happy that we had such a wide range of perspectives present; the conversation was most interesting and I’d like to quickly share some of the thoughts that came from the group.

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Energy Trust Home Performance Score is coming…

The Home Builders Association is holding an event for the new Energy Performance Score that helps homeowners understand energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.  As part of the Ultimate Open House tour, the event starts April 18, 2009 and runs … Continue reading

Orefield, PA Home Achieves NAHB Gold Level

A new Orefield, Pennsylvania home built by studio26 homes, based on Mascord Plan 2412 (modified by Studio26) has received a Gold
level certification under the NAHB Research Center’s National Green Building Certification. 2412-levis-certThis
certification means the home has met established criteria in seven key green construction areas – Site
Planning/Development, Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental
Quality, Homeowner Education, and Global Impact.

Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., congratulate Studio26 and their construction team on their achievement.
“Anyone can say they build green homes,” according to Michael Luzier, president and CEO of the NAHB
Research Center. “Seeking and achieving National Green Building Certification, as studio26 homes has
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